English into Arabic translation

knowing the Arabic language does not make you a translator. Even to be fluent in five languages, or certified translator is not guarantees the quality of your service.

It takes training to know how to choose the correct word that conveys the correct meaning. An example…If you hired an Arabic translator once, in the same country you are or another (seems to be very good in their resume). This translator had to translate English to Arabic phrases “With a very good knowledge of each and every term”. Using an inappropriate word could lead to a huge miss understanding to the target language audience.

And people who can translate from English to Arabic might not be able to translate from Arabic to English.

Note that translation is not the same as interpreting.

IT goes as well for specialized Arabic into English VS English into Arabic capacity of the translator to leverage the specific meaning and carefully picking up words that give at least 90% of the same exact meaning in the source.

So, what are you really looking for here?

The point is to be knowing the strength of your language skills and enhance it to it’s max.

Redirect your full attention in translation into what really your audience comprehend out of the text / interpreting.

Find your (SME) subject matter expertise that gives you the most accurate and up to date language translation experience and optimized translation to the local audience (localization)

Always try to find willing to support translators as this is rarely to find these days, however the full support you can get is through localization companies as there are few of course.

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