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In today’s busy, crucial and competitive international markets there is no easy mission. You don’t have the choice from only setting yourself apart with products and services, you also must reach your target audience with the right tone of voice and exceptional masterpiece of content. That can be done when you personalize and localize your entire Bran Tone in the different languages your audience speak.

The solution is We offer the best quality for translation services, Letting you to travel the globe with your business. What makes us the best is we’re fluent in over 120 language and our translators located all over the world, we’re qualified to give your content an attractive human voice. langpaircorp will help you deepen and sharpen your customer experience by providing the best digital content your audience can really trust and understand.

To help you achieving your goals, our global language translation services include setting up multilingual optimized versions of your site. That means your business will be ready to rank on the Search engines “Google, Bing, Yahoo” with keeping your brand tone guidance in mind.

Quality Translations

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Using our Quality Management System by following the ISO steps will make sure that your translated project is done to be the best in your industry, we strive to deliver superior translations for businesses and organizations of all sizes. At Langpaircorp, we have a high skilled, enthusiastic translators, along with an in-house team of specialists in linguistics, to ensure providing you with native-sounding content.

In our dedication to quality translations process.

First, we and our team hold the most demanding certifications in the translation industry—from the Linguistic Certification Program—which allow us to provide you with certified translation services. We are unique at all levels, from the Native Speaker of Target Language Market, Educational Qualifications, and Achievement of Thorough Linguistic and Subject Testing.

Second, evaluating our team regularly to make sure the quality of their translations, and their dedication to customer service, is up to our high standards. That leads to a better translation experience for both you and your target audience.

Document Translation Services

Langpaircorp can prepare multilingual versions of a wide variety of documents and resources that include:

  • Word documents
  • PDF files
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Technical documents including addendums, application notes, data books, and packaging guides
  • Excel documents
  • Reports
  • Emails
  • Internal communications
  • And Too more

We can translate individual documents or provide you with document translation services in batches. All of our translation services are completely customizable.

Machine Translation Services

Do you have a large volume of content? Or maybe you are in a need for a fast turnaround time. No worries, we can also provide machine translation services.

As is the case with our personalized translation services, our machine translation services can’t be beat by other translators. That’s because we utilize advanced translation features that include:

  • Terminology glossaries
  • Translation memory technology
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)

In addition, all of our machine translations are proofread by an expert team of Langpaircorp linguists in order to make sure that the output of the translation is translated properly. When you partner with us as your language translation services provider, you can rest easy knowing that you’re receiving world class translation services.

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools

In a matter of Translating text, specifically if you’re looking to translate text into multiple languages, is a complex job. It’s going to be a real hassle to starting over from scratch every time.

Langpaircorp is able to provide quality language translation services because we use Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to help us take your content to the next level. This special piece of software creates and manages translation memory (TM), allowing our translators to reprocess existing threads of text that have already been translated, saving time and ensuring accuracy. These threads are saved within the TM record, creating a huge database of translated content that can be accessed in an instant. As a matter of fact, Langpaircorp owns the largest TM database in many different and technical industries, which makes us perfect in in every technical industry.

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