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Books Translation Service

Langpaircorp Translations provides book translation services in over 120 languages. Whether you are an individual self-publishing author seeking a fiction translation for your first book, or a global publishing house with a series of non-fiction translations and localization that you need completing, Langpaircorp carefully tailor our professional translation services to each client’s unique needs.

We provide contextual translations to ensure reader clarity and enjoyment for all types of books (i.e. fiction, non-fiction, educational, technical, reference etc.). Not only does translating your printed book open new markets, translating your e-book allows you to quickly reach more readers internationally. If you wish to take your content even further, consider multilingual audio voice talent to provide audiobook versions in common languages.

Authors write about topics they have expertise in. Readers not as familiar with the subject matter may find the word for word translated content unclear, unrelatable, worse or offensive. We don’t just translate, we make certain that your work is localized and delivering the exact meaning as well.

With an exceptional focus on detail, we can translate, proofread, edit, and layout your document for your new international readers. Our over 3,000 multilingual translators are familiar with a variety of subjects and word-processing software programs. Our professionals will ensure that your content is well-understood and well-received.

Curriculum Translation Services

Effective curriculum is the root of all educational experiences – online, corporate, private or programs. Our professionals will ensure that your content is well-understood and well-received. If you are done with preparing your perfect CV after countless edits and hard work and you are looking for a translator to translate it into another language to land your dream job, don’t let a poorly made CV translation decrease your chances of getting hired.  Curriculum vitae translation services are usually needed by students, new-joiners, researchers, professional employees, researchers and even individuals who are currently searching for job opportunities. Sometimes, even medical experts, aviation managers, accountants, teachers and government employees might need a CV translation, to get their resume to speak volumes at their professional setup. It is important to get your CV translation processed only from experienced linguists from an agency, as to retain the accuracy in the results.

E-Learning Translation Service

eLearning has opened up infinite opportunities to people from all over the world to improve personally and grow professionally. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, Companies have to face their fair and share the opportunities to grow exponentially and dramatically increase their revenue. 

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and eLearning have become standard in nearly every educational environment. From corporate education and training to university classrooms, eLearning provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and reach to students globally.

Langpaircorp Elearning Translations

Langpair offers  professional eLearning translation services in 150+ different languages, including all of the Middle Eastern, Asian Languages, European Languages and African languages, alongside delivering eLearning projects on time and at cost-effective rates.

Recruitment & HR Translation Services

Organisations focus on attracting their industry’s top talent worldwide to achieve or maintain a competitive advantage. Recruitment works and knocks all sectors, including: private and public companies, government entities and non-profit organisations, educational institutions, military, volunteer organisations and more.

Treating recruiting like an afterthought affects your ability to put the right person in the right job at the right time. Vacancies, high turnover, brain drain and not having the best-matched person in a job can be costly to organisations of all types. 

Our translations service covers the full cycle of the recruitment process, including advertising positions, applications and supporting documentation, pre-interview testing, interviews, HR documents, onboarding and training.

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