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Automotive Translation Service

Work in the automotive industry, A single product often requires research and development in one location, manufacturing in another place, and purchasing and servicing anywhere in the world. In order for people of all languages to work on and purchase automobiles, automotive translation services are key.

That’s where we come in. Langpaircorp is a renowned industry leader in high-quality automotive translation services. We’ve assisted manufacturers, OEMs, suppliers and dealers with automotive translation services for over two decades. We’re also able to translate your documents into more than 125 languages.

We know that automotive translation requires experts in the industry. That’s why our technical translators have backgrounds in engineering, and are trained in automotive terminology. Our top level language experts specialize in the translation and localization of documents ranging from service handbooks and manuals to catalogs, marketing materials and more.

Technical Translations

We have worked on a wide variety of technical translation projects within the automotive sector, including but not limited to:

  • Automobile Manuals
  • Service Manuals
  • Training Manuals
  • Product Packaging
  • Marketing Materials
  • Catalogs

We can also work with any source format you have – whether it’s CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Captivate, Quark, CorelDraw, Pages, Flash or something else.

International Automotive Translation Services

We’re here to help you meet all of the challenges associated with foreign markets. Our localization specialists are also experts in international compliance requirements, which ensures that your automotive translation project is always 100% accurate.

Construction Translation Services

We Build Excellent Translations from Your Construction Documents

Development is a high-stakes industry, as it takes extraordinary thoughts and breathes life into them. When performing ventures with multicultural and topographically scattered groups, development ventures depend intensely on great correspondence. All colleagues must approach guidelines in their local language so as to encourage correspondence and execute exact directions.

It's important that all segments of your correspondence be precisely deciphered. Mistaken or uncertain translations can present profound situated blunders that are hard to determine on the off chance that they go unnoticed and get implanted into your systems. You have to guarantee that documentation is exact directly down to each esteem, expression, code and drawing.

What additionally makes development documentation hard to oversee is its sheer measures. It's significant that interpretations mirror your expected message from the earliest starting point of the undertaking as far as possible, as correspondence collects. Development is the finish of a while (even long stretches) of cooperation among draftsmen, engineers, venture directors, development teams and government heads.

As your group faces these difficulties, precise development interpretation administrations become key. You need a strong interpretation administration that is as point by point and exact as the first documentation. An organization that is consummately fixed on to the necessities of your business and acquainted with wording explicit to the development business.

Electronics Translation Services

From B2B mechanical automated gear to little buyer gadgets (industrial robotic equipment) like TVs, the electrical business is really a worldwide activity. Design, component manufacturing, assembly, packaging, distribution and sales often happen across multiple country borders. Plan, part producing, gathering, bundling, appropriation, and deals regularly occur over different nation fringes. Interchanges should be kept up at a profoundly compelling level all through the item esteem included chain.

Regularly electrical graphs and nitty-gritty item depictions must go with items to be affirmed available to be purchased in remote markets or to get patent insurance Often electrical diagrams and detailed product descriptions must accompany products to be approved for sale in foreign markets or to receive patent protection..

Obviously, the moment that the item is gotten by the end client is only the start of the client support relationship. Purchasers need to have the option to speak with the merchant or maker of an item to pose inquiries and have issues settled rapidly. On the off chance that the directions, client manuals, and client service are not given in the language they like, the organization dangers troubled clients.

In both customer and mechanical markets, clear working guidelines must be given all electrical gear, because of evident dangers. Having a local interpreter that is additionally an electrical architect or if nothing else acquainted with hardware is vital to top quality documentation. We anticipate interpreting your electrical data for your particular wanted result.

Energy & Mining Translation Services


As the globe aspires to reduce carbon emissions, worldwide collaboration and partnerships are essential. Although using renewable energy technologies (solar, wind, hydro, biofuels) to generate power more efficiently is the goal, most of the world is still dependent on fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). New technologies are being developed constantly including advances in nuclear and lithium applications.

Force utilities depend on materials sourced globally requiring remaining side by side of news and speaking with partners around the world. A catastrophic event, political distress or financial downturn can impact the gracefully, transportation and cost of these essential characteristic assets.

Both mining and the development of intensity plants is regularly subcontracted to remote organizations. During the arranging, exchange and authoritative stages, composed correspondences by means of email is visit. In this manner, when the venture starts enrolling, preparing and overseeing nearby specialists become a test. Regularly composed materials should be delivered in the local language to guarantee comprehension and consistence with development and security forms.

Specialized precision is basic for all interpretation ventures, yet particularly so in the business that actually controls the globe. Our expertly ensured language specialists are additionally topic specialists in your particular field. Moreover, our quality conventions incorporate utilization of Terminology Management (TM) programming to encourage steady interpretation jargon from task to extend.



Machinery Translation Services


Worldwide specialization has made economies of scale for a few businesses around the world. Its an obvious fact that most material assembling is currently occurring in China. However, barely any know the gear and hardware used to create 'Made in China' dress is most likely fabricated in Switzerland, Japan, or Germany.

The formal and casual culturally diverse correspondences that need to happen to configuration, contract, fabricate, transport, amass, and train everybody engaged with setting up an industrial facility line of composed hardware is noteworthy.

Regardless of whether your venture includes making a client structure to gather details and necessities to plan a custom bundling machine for an organization in India or giving the voice over ability to a preparation and well being video in Chinese for a customer products get together plant, our guaranteed experts have the right stuff expected to take care of business.

Industrial Manufacturing Translation Service

Industrial Manufacturing is a worldwide endeavor—the process of converting raw materials into finished  products now often covers multiple countries, locations and languages. Raw materials originate in one set of countries, parts can be sourced in others and assembly may occur in still more countries. As industrial manufacturing companies increasingly expand into international markets, how do you coordinate all the communication and instruction points along the way? Language Scientific is here for you to help you communicate globally throughout the industrial manufacturing translation process. As a full-service translation and localization company, we work in over 215 languages, including all the major European, Asian, American, African and Middle Eastern languages.

Industrial Manufacturers Rely On Our Translation and Localization Expertise

Our highly trained technical translators and interpreters are not just linguists, but also hold advanced degrees and real work experience in the Industrial Manufacturing industry (Mechanical Manufacturing is an overall undertaking), giving you peace of mind that your project transcends any language barriers.

That is why we require all our translators, editors and proofreaders to have education, training and work experience in the Industrial Manufacturing Industry matching the subject matter they translate. Our meticulous Quality Control system is the most thorough in the industry, with a system of checks and balances in place throughout the entire process—from the selection of project managers to the final proofreading of the translated document.

Transportation And Logistics Translation Services

Transporting goods worldwide requires communication with all partners, compliant international documentation and adherence to very tight deadlines. Moving freight long distances often requires a combination of air cargo and ocean freight/marine logistics with significant export and import regulatory requirements.

After the shipment has cleared customs the domestic ground transportation process begins via rail or truck. Each step in the shipping process has its own unique set of procedures and accompanying paperwork that needs to be provided in the origin and destination countries’ official languages.

All through the procedure, the shipper and client are continually pondering to what extent conveyance will take. It is pivotal to have a confided in interpretation accomplice accessible all day, every day available to come in to work. Very late interpretations are regularly required when a shipment is postponed because of fragmented or indistinct documentation, for example, a portrayal of merchandise, specialized drawings and information sheets, bills of filling, letters of guidance, delivery and installment terms and other required structures.

Your devoted venture administrator and our severe quality conventions mean you will get quick expert help for your worldwide vehicle ventures.

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